Program Content and Objectives:

This course provides a complete understanding of application development on PHP & MySQL. Further it covers the concepts of web development, testing, debugging and implementation. Also it gives complete exposer on web site development, hosting etc.


Course highlights  
  • Content of PHP and MySQL course details
  • Introduction to HTML standard tags
  • Advanced HTML tags
  • Introduction to XML and creating XML files
  • Concept of XML Schemas, XML Parsers
  • Introduction to Java Script and creating script
  • Client Site Validations using Java Script
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets and creating CSS
  • Introduction to Apache Web Server, PHP installation
  • Introduction to PHP, PHP variables using fixed values and HTML forms
  • If – else construct, switch case, using same page and redirecting another page
  • PHP arrays – both - numerically indexed arrays and associative arrays
  • PHP functions – system defined and user defined, with / without parameters
  • PHP File Concept – Storing data into files and Reading data from files
  • PHP Session Concept – Creating and Destroying a Session and its necessity
  • Introduction to MySQL, creating database, tables
  • Select, Insert, Update and Delete operations
  • Connecting PHP with MySQL - Database Administration
  • Connecting PHP with MySQL - Insert,Fetch,Modify and Remove data from Database Table
  • Project Work 

Course Duration

Entry Profile

Exit Profile

60 Hours

Students & Graduates in any stream (Engineering / Non-Engineering)

Web Developer

Certificate & Placement
Certificate & Placement assistance will be provided to successful candidates only