Hardware Engineer Duration 36 Hrs.
Program highlights and Objectives:
This program is specially designed for students who appeared or completed 10th standard. A student will have the knowledge of computer and its principal components, via, ALU, Control, Memory and Input/output devices.
Course highlights
  • Familiarity With Computer Components & Peripherals
  • PC Assembling, Installation Of (Multiple) OS In One PC
  • Installation Of Device Drivers & Common S/W
  • Protecting PC With Anti-Virus & Firewall, Configuring LAN
  • Sharing the Resources
  • PC Trouble Shooting
  • Configure Internet inĀ  PC
  • Laptop Maintenance
  • Wi-Fi
Final Project
Training Objective
After completion of this course a candidate will be able to assemble installation various software, configuring windows and troubleshoot the PC / Laptop.
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