Programming in C++

Program Content and Objectives:

This course provides a complete understanding of application development on C++ programming. Further it covers the concepts of Object Oriented Programming using C++ This program includes complete learning, debugging and implementation. Students can built their opps concepts as a beginner.


Course highlights  
  • OOPS, C++ Data Types, Operators, Class & Object
  • Control Structure- Checking construct, Looping construct
  • Inline function, Inline function vs Macro
  • Friend function, Function Overloading
  • Default Arguments, Reference Variables
  • Class & Object- class members & their visibility
  • Defining member functions inside the class and outside the class
  • Passing an object as argument to method
  • Returning an object from method
  • Array of objects
  • Constructor & Destructor- features, types, copy constructor, examples
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual function & Polymorphism
  • File handling

Course Duration

Entry Profile

Exit Profile

36 Hours

Students & Graduates in any stream (Engineering / Non-Engineering)

C Programmer

Certificate & Placement
Certificate & Placement assistance will be provided to successful candidates only