Android Application Program

Program Content and Objectives:

This course provides a complete understanding of application development on Android platform. Further it covers the concepts of Android application testing & debugging implementation. Also monetizing, promoting and distributing Android applications are included in the course to complete the learning about Android application development.

Course highlights  
  • Overview of Android - An Open Platform for Mobile development
  • Android SDK Features
  • Android Internals and Architecture
  • Introducing the Development Framework
  • Setup of Android Development Environment
  • Application Manifest
  • Android Application Life Cycle
  • Activity Life-cycle and Manifest
  • Android UI Design
  • Screen Orientation,AndroidManifest.xml
  • Android Tools and Menus
  • Examples on SQLite
  • Sending SMS, Email
  • External Databases in Android



Course Duration

Entry Profile

Exit Profile

100 Hours

Students & Graduates in any stream (Engineering / Non-Engineering)

Android Application Developer

Certificate & Placement
Certificate & Placement assistance will be provided to successful candidates only